Pascal Bakker

November Update



I've cleaned up this website a bit and removed the food blog. I was bored when I made it in the summer and I don't really feel like taking pictures of my food every time I eat. Additionally, I added more information about me as a programmer in the "About Me" page

My interests have shifted during the fall season. I've gotten back into chess. My rapid chess rating(5 minute games) as increased by 200 points since September. I think once this corona virus ends, if it does end, I'll be going back to chess tournaments. In the past couple years I felt that there was something missing from my chess play style. I played too boring, and not very good. So nowadays on I've been playing much more tactical. I feel myself getting better at the game every week.

Classes are a bit rough, although I feel that I am learning more material.My master program made me take some really lame classes the first and partly the second semester. But now I've reached the content that actually makes me feel like theres some value to a college education.

On a side note, I love going to the gym at 11:30pm. Its no because I'm being self conscious, but every time I go nowadays all the barbells stations are packed, and some people take 30 minutes to a single rep. Plus its quiet which is nice.