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I am getting into suckless tools. In the past I used st, but I just used a patched version I found on GitHub. I am now obsessed with configuring suckless builds myself. Right now, I'm configuring my surf browser. I honestly like it. The only downside of surf is that it doesn't have an AdBlock. Hopefully that will change one day... Once I'm done tinkering with surf I'll try out dwm. I also now also use mocp, a console based music player(emphasis on based), and neomutt for mail. Overall, I'm primarily moving towards using entirely terminal based applications because im a linux hipster(btw I use arch).

If you can't tell, I'm going through a minimalist software phase. The benefits of using minimalist software, besides being low in memory usage, is an extreme amount of control over the functionality of the software I use. Its kindof a physcological thing, I feel in control when I use it.

I'm also studying up on functional programming in scala and using Akka. The Scala language interests me greatly, due to its access to Apache software and ability to combine imperative, object oriented, and functional programming all together. Pure functional programming for me is too hard, so I like the ability to write 'normal' Java where neadby, and use functional programming whereever useful. I also have to use Scala for my final project in Big Data

Thats all for now