Pascal Bakker

Final Semester of College



My final last semester of college. Over break I prepared my resume and stated applying for jobs.

List of spring classes:

  1. Graduate Qualifying Project
  2. Information Retrieval
  3. Data Analytics

Overall, I did learn quite a bit from my Master's program. However, some classes were excruciating unpleasant and not particularly useful. These tended to be the one's I was required to take first year. For example, my first semester database class really just went over stuff I already knew about SQL. And my statistic class went over subjects they taught in undergrad(and AP stats). However, some of the better classes tended to be more math heavy, such as Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. These classes are what made my Masters worth it. One of the most critical aspects of college was the free time to explore subjects in depth. I feel immensely more confident in my abilities in programming and software development than I did at the start of my program.