Pascal Bakker

Its Been A While


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[Originally written August 2nd]

It's been a while.

    First off, I added a git server to my website, so I can host projects myself to avoid being completely dependent on Microcock software, a.k.a GitHub. Setting up a git server is actually pretty easy. I also used stagit[1][2] to generate static html for the projects. It went relatively smoothly, except I had to compile libgit2 as a dependency and fix an error with shared libraries, but the problems were straightforward to solve. However, it was a huge pain getting my DNS records and cnames working. Mostly because my cname to couldn’t be used because of some CAA record. That took up way more time than I’d like to admit, though I do understand DNS more now though after researching this stuff. Link

    I’ve also been learning a bit of Haskell. I did some simple coding challenges in the language online and have been watching this youtuber called Tscoding. He created a really great video on how to create a json parser which taught me alot. I think I have a strong enough understanding of monads and other aspects of Haskell to actually code in it, although every bit of code takes a while for me to generate. Overall, I’m having fun. I didn’t get to do much algorithmic coding this summer, so it's a nice challenge. Plus who knows, maybe I might rewrite this entire website’s backend in Haskell.

    I also finished the book Kafka on the Shore. I’ll give a review of that in another blog. I picked up another book recently by the same author, Haruki Murakami, titled "Wind / Pinball". For the next couple weeks I’ll be watching over my parent’s cats, so I’ll have plenty of time to read and stuff. Although, I’ll probably just end up browsing stuff online and not getting anything done.