Pascal Bakker


Reinforcement Learning Atari Breakout Game A.I. 2020
  • Used Double DQN algorithm
  • Designed in Pytorch
  • Was about to get an average of 40 points per game
  • Created a program that could classify differnt kinds of die(d4,d6,d10,etc)
  • Classifies multiple die in one image
  • Used CNN and YOLO algorithm
  • Implemented WaveNet deep learning algorithm (invented by DeepMind) in Tensorflow
  • Converts text to speech
  • Developed a strong understanding of Tensorflow
  • Program calculates rocket trajectory
  • Implemented Euler Method and RK2 in FORTRAN
  • Implemented LOF in Scala with Spark
  • Can handle large datasets.
  • I <3 functional
  • Created an andriod app and website that allows user to donate to Venezuelan children
  • Final project for Software Engineering
  • Sometimes I like to use Surf for web browsing
  • Unique to mine: Added url bar for searching
  • Has history and bookmarks
MD5 Decision Tree 2020
  • Implemented MD5 Decision Tree in SciKit-Learn
  • Text generation using markov chains
  • Generates Haikus based off sample text.
  • Haikus will inspire your soul
  • Simulated a magnetic pendulumn as a chaos theory expirement
  • Utilized CUDA for fast performance
  • Can play battleship over the internet
Chess AI 2017
  • Chess A.I. that uses Alpha-Beta pruning
  • Plays worse than Mangus Carlson, but better than a monkey(est. ~700 ELO)
  • Can play a variety of endgames
Pshell 2017
  • Simple shell made for OS class